Rexroth Piston Pump

2018-10-27 12:35:25

The Rexroth piston pump is an important component of the machine motor, but many companies do not know much about the number of Rexroth in Germany. The following is a classification of the German Rexroth Rexroth piston pump from Hesheng Hydraulics.
1, Germany Rexroth Rexroth axial piston pump
The German Rexroth Rexroth axial piston pump is a piston pump whose piston or plunger reciprocates parallel to the central axis of the cylinder. The German Rexroth Rexroth axial piston pump works with a volume change caused by the reciprocating movement of the plunger parallel to the drive shaft in the plunger bore. Since the plunger and the plunger hole are both round parts, high precision fit can be achieved during processing, so the volumetric efficiency is high, the operation is stable, the flow uniformity is good, the noise is low, the working pressure is high, etc., but the hydraulic oil is polluted. It is more sensitive, the structure is more complicated, and the cost is higher.

2, Germany Rexroth straight-axis swash plate piston pump
Germany's Rexroth straight-axis swash plate piston pump is divided into two types: self-priming oil type with pressure supply type. The German Rexroth pressure oil supply hydraulic pump mostly uses a gas tank with air pressure, and the hydraulic pump itself has a charge pump to supply pressure oil to the hydraulic pump inlet.
The German Rexroth self-priming hydraulic pump has a strong self-priming capability and requires no external oil supply. The hydraulic oil tank that relies on the air pressure supply must wait for the hydraulic stain box to reach the air pressure after each start of the machine to operate the machine. If the pressure of the hydraulic oil tank is insufficient, it will cause the machine to pull off the slippery whip in the hydraulic pump, which will cause abnormal wear of the return plate and the pressure plate in the pump body.

3, Germany Rexroth radial piston pump
Germany Rexroth radial piston pump can be divided into two categories: valve distribution and shaft distribution. German Rexroth valve distribution radial piston pump has the disadvantages of high failure rate and low efficiency.
. The shaft-distributing radial piston pump developed in the 70s and 80s in the world overcomes the shortcomings of the valve-distributing radial piston pump. Due to the structural characteristics of the German Rexroth radial pump, the axially-distributed radial piston pump is more resistant to impact, longer life and higher control precision than the axial piston pump. The variable of the German Rexroth variable stroke short pump is realized by changing the eccentricity of the stator under the action of the variable plunger and the limit plunger, and the maximum eccentricity is set to 5-9 mm (depending on the displacement), the variable stroke very short. And the variable mechanism is designed for high pressure operation and is controlled by a control valve. Therefore, the pump responds quickly. The radial structural design overcomes the problem of eccentric wear such as axial piston pump shoes. Its impact resistance is greatly improved.